Melville Resident Volunteers required

The Melville Security Initiative is currently looking for Melville residents to join the initiative as committee members. The role of the MSI is to work with suppliers, residents and businesses to identify security solutions for the Melville Community. If you are keen to contribute positively to the security of Melville, please email


Melville: Crime Log

The Melville Security Initiative is very concerned about the recent Melville crime events reported across various Social Media. We are working with the security suppliers who support the residents and businesses in Melville to establish a plan and to identify the reasons for the recent crime.   To assist us with information on all crime events, once you have reported the crime to relevant authorities and security companies, please could […]


Melville Security Initiative: AGM Notice & Proxy

No Quorum = Do it Again!   If you are unable to attend, you can send a proxy MSI AGM 2017 Proxy Form


Melville Security Initiative: AGM Notice

MSI AGM 2017.     Please RSVP via email at


MSI Cameras at work

Recovery of stolen vehicle in Melville thanks to Automated Number Plate Recognition.  


Hijacking on Friday morning of local musician Vusi Nova.

We all heard the terrible news of the hijacking and kidnapping of local resident and well known musician, Vusi Nova early hours Friday morning. The MSI immediately reached out to redSurveillance, our partner tasked with the offsite monitoring of our public space cameras. During the course of Friday, we supplied Col Ndlovu from Brixton SAPS with various leads, and followed up on information provided, supplying the corresponding video clips and […]


Melville Security Cameras in Action

MSI Cameras helps identify suspects  


CSS Tactical operated by Beagle Watch


Beagle Watch to purchase CSS Tactical

“CSS Tactical (CSS) and Beagle Watch Armed Response (Beagle Watch) are security service providers synonymous with the unrivalled delivery of proactive security services. Based on their successful approach to combatting crime, many communities have entrusted their safety to these security champions. This is the first communication in a series to keep you informed of developments affecting your area. Beagle Watch has entered into a contract with CSS which paves the […]


MSI Cameras: Footage Retrieval Process

MSI Cameras: Footage Retrieval Process