The Melville Security Initiative (MSI) has agreed to support the Melville Satellite Police Station project with a donation of R100 000.
This will come from reserves built up over the years and earmarked for security initiatives in Melville.
The MSI will work with :
  • the SAPS (South African Police Service),
  • the MBA (Melville Business Association),
  • the MRA (Melville Residents Association),
  • the CPF (Community Policing Forum),
  • the Ward Committee, and
  • the APRA (Auckland Park Residents Association)

to combine these funds with sponsorships and donations from the community to ensure the South African Police Service gets the support they need to be able to bring the Satellite station on 1st Avenue to a working condition.

The funds will be used by the recently established project team (including representatives of the above organisations) to support this very key security initiative in Melville.
We look forward to a crime free Melville!