Liquor & Land Use Non Compliance: Ideal Cafe, Capella & Stones Melville

The Melville Residents’ Association and specifically its MSI (Melville Security Initiative), Landuse and Liquor Portfolio committees require your urgent attention to escalate matters relating to public safety, health and safety, security, compliance to landuse bylaws and liquor laws in Melville.   This endeavour follows on the petition that more than 800 individuals signed for general by-law enforcement and which lead to a number of raids in Melville. However, the past […]


Beagle Watch Presents: Melville Domestic Forum Training

Beagle Watch Presents: Melville Domestic Forum


Melville Security Initiative finally recovers its money from the Estate Agency Affairs Board

Melville Security Initiative (MSI)  (part of the Melville Residents Association) finally recovers its money from the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) In 2012/2013 the managing agent of the MSI, a registered estate agent with the EAAB, misappropriated a portion of the residents’ funds held in their EAAB Trust account. The MSI submitted a claim to the EAAB in 2013 and followed all the requirements of the Estate Agency Affairs Act […]


South African Safety Video

Safety First! Video made by South Africans, for South Africans  


Progress against Crime continues!

Here’s some info you should know: Over the past 6 weeks, our security teams have been hard at work. Red Surveillance and Beagle Watch have combined to deliver:  3 Arrests driven by our License Plate Recognition System 2 Arrests relating to the theft of property 6 Post Event Analysis Reports which were handed over to the Brixton SAPS to assist with the prosecution of criminals We’ll continue to provide you […]


Melville Public Camera Uptime - August 2018

Melville Public Camera Uptime – August 2018    


Melville Security Initiative & Melville Residents' Association AGM 2018

Email us now your questions for the AGM 2018 at     MRA_MSI AGM Info Pack 2018 2018 MSI 2017 Financial Statements MSI AGM 2018_ProxyForm-2


Melville Resident Volunteers required

The Melville Security Initiative is currently looking for Melville residents to join the initiative as committee members. The role of the MSI is to work with suppliers, residents and businesses to identify security solutions for the Melville Community. If you are keen to contribute positively to the security of Melville, please email


Melville: Crime Log

The Melville Security Initiative is very concerned about the recent Melville crime events reported across various Social Media. We are working with the security suppliers who support the residents and businesses in Melville to establish a plan and to identify the reasons for the recent crime.   To assist us with information on all crime events, once you have reported the crime to relevant authorities and security companies, please could […]


Melville Security Initiative: AGM Notice & Proxy

No Quorum = Do it Again!   If you are unable to attend, you can send a proxy MSI AGM 2017 Proxy Form