Important Notice: Voting for Directors

  We call upon all our members to please attend this very important meeting to vote for the directors of the Melville Security Initiative. Should you wish to stand as director please email us in order to add your name onto the voters role.


Volunteers, community members and local businesses team up to clean up Melville

The main streets in Melville received some much needed TLC on 26 September with residents, businesses and volunteers joining forces to give the area a spring clean. The clean-up was a collaboration between the Melville Security Initiative (MSI), Melville Business Forum (MBF) and their members, Melville Residents’ Association (MRA) as well as the GEM Project. Read the whole story here


GEM cleanup 26 September 2015 - photo gallery

Thank you to all of you who helped with the clean up!



Join us for the 6th Annual General meeting of the Melville Security Initiative. Presentations and discussions will include: * An update on the roll out of cameras * Combining the efforts of all associations * Future Projects and Security activities * Resident Incentives Tea, coffee & snacks will be provided by CSS Tactical.


Melville SCF Monthly Meetings

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, the community meets with the Melville SCF team (which includes our SAPS liaison) for an update on crime and security for our suburb. Here is the perfect opportunity to find out what you can do to help improve our community and also address any corners that you might have to the forum. Details of the next meeting will be posted shortly on the […]